PSA to Kitchen, Dining Room and Home Entertaining Stores….

Wondering in Crate & Barrel, William Sonoma, Pottery Barn, Pier 1, Macys or any other home store.

First, kitchen gadgets are my weakness. I drool over All-Clad, LeCrusset, Knives, Cuisinart, Kitchen Aide, Linens, flatware, and fine china. If you have had the pleasure of shopping with me, then you know. I look at a roasting pan and think Chateaubriand, Roasted Asparagus and Kevin’s Mashed Potatoes with a bottle of Cabernet, served eloquently with silver flatware on crisp white table cloth, with perfectly starched linens, candles sticks in silver, simple fresh flowers as center piece and crystal stem ware.

However, and this leads me to number 2. You know when you turn the corner in any of the above mentioned stores, to where the tables are set with beautiful table scapes, that look just like the catalog? So I get there, and 9 times out of 10, I have to reset the table. It is set backwards. I am not talking like shoppers picking up pieces of it and setting down in the wrong place when they move onto the next table…Like wrong. It can’t be that hard to set a table with all that is required per the designer guidelines and picture?!?!? Unless the pictures are wrong to begin with? Right? Forks on left, knives and soup spoons on right, dessert fork and spoon on top of place setting, each facing respective ways??? Water glass above knife, followed by Red Wine, and then White Wine. It is not rocket science!!! It erks me to no end. It turns my shopping/browsing experience into pure frustration when I see this. So as a public service to myself and others those that have the amazing opportunity to work at these fine establishments, Please Please set your tables correctly and have some one on the floor available to fix them when customers pick items up and do not put them where they found it. Thank You.

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