Service by definition is the work performed by one that serves, from the waiter/waitress who serves you dinner, to the customer service agent on the phone trying to solve your computer issue. To be fair, I have several issues with service, and my standards, I admit are high, but if I am paying for it, shouldn’t I expect it?

BUT, Seriously if you don’t smile when I come up to your teller window at the bank, say hello to me when you arrive at my table and introduce yourself or God forbid, don’t speak slowly and in English when I am on the phone with you, then my hope for you is gone. It is harder to frown than smile my Amma always said. Trust me, I completely understand that we all have had bad days. I have had my share. But when you are providing a service, you should be pleasant, kind, not overly outgoing, and prompt and certainly not full of excuses.

I despise it with a passion when I am asked “Is that all?” with an added dose of eye roll and body have way turned to leave, that gets my blood boiling!  How about, “Are there any further questions?” or you repeat what I just told you and say “Please let me know if there is anything I can get you?”

I think that every person who desires to have a career where they interact with the public in some form or another should work in a restaurant (fast food, buffet, brunch), hotel, bar or catering at some point in their lives. Not only will you learn basic social skills, problem solving, math, communication, reading, and how to function under pressure, patients and the Hospitality Smile*! All life lessons that will last a life time! I cannot emphasize that enough. You can the smartest person in your class, but if you can do basic real life problem solving skills and especially communication then you will not succeed.

Along those lines of service, in this day and age where we are so digital focused, it is so important to write a Thank You note and acknowledge the service that you received, not just the bad service, because everyone does that. Remember, people will talk about bad service, 10 times more than great service! I have even written Thank You notes to Maria at the DMV for her service!!! Yes, you read that right, the DMV!!!

Service makes the world go round! Everyone talks about, reads about it and if you don’t give good service, you will get even worse in return! Trust Me. You don’t have to like it, but you do have to give it in order to receive it.

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