Brussel Sprouts. I will admit that not until about two years ago did I even want to put one near my nose or mouth. However, with the trend of super foods and yes, trying to eat healthier, I ordered some at restaurant. It did help that they were cooked in duck fat with Nuskees bacon. I have taken to cooking them at least every couple of weeks. Get your pen out or photo copy this part:

1 bag of Brussel Sprouts-I buy from Costco just because they are gone within one meal at my house. Wash and peal the first couple layers of leaves off each head, (like you do cabbage). Cut stems off. I like to cut them in half or quarters depending on size. 2 2.5oz packages of Diced Pancetta or ½ pound of think cut bacon diced (hardwood if your budget allows). In your cast iron skillet (if you don’t have, go get one), cook pancetta or bacon crumbles till almost well done. Take pancetta/bacon out with slotted spoon. Do Not Drain the Fat!!! Put Brussels in pan and cook. Keep them moving so that the yummy fat covers them and they get a little crispy. Half way through take your nutmeg and nutmeg grater and go to town! I love nutmeg and am fairly liberal with it. I also give them dusting of cayenne pepper or a little warmth. Toss the pancetta/bacon back in and cook till done. About 3 minutes. Serve immediately.

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