Guide to my isms:

I have several signature looks and isms. One of my best and worst traits maybe that I tend to let my eyes, face and body language say what I am trying so hard to keep the words that are in my head from coming out.

A perfect example of this is when I ask someone to do something. I honestly do not think that when someone is asked to do something, one should not have to repeat themselves more than twice nor wait longer than 3 minutes for it to be done. I don’t care if you are 5 years old to 70 years old. It is a common everyday decency to do what what is asked of you when asked. If you are busy, the polite thing to say is “As soon as I am through with what I am doing right now, I will be glad to do blank  when I am done.” I am not a Drill Sargent. But if you are not quick to react (without an eye roll or talking back to me) you may get one of the below.

This list will get longer I am sure. But here are a few for now that I know of…

*Hospitality Smile-telling someone to F-off with a HUGE Shining grin on your face! The receiver never knows what you are saying, just nod politely! My parents and I paid $100,000 to learn it and trust me it had paid off in full multiple times.

*Raised Eye Brow-Trust me you don’t want it. You know the look from old movies and books in which the mean teacher, Aunt or neighbor lady would give the misbehaving little rascals or adults for that matter that should know better. You know the one. I can do both, and its better you stay far far away from it. My raised eye brows is the reason I will never get botox!

*The Look(s). I have been told on occasions that I often do not need to say anything when confronted with an issue, problem or watching the news. My face and eyes say it all without being said. I should catalog them, especially in this day and age. I have had the same looks since I was born. Ask my Mother and my Aunt Martha (Muffy). One does not even need to really know me, to get and comprehend them. If you are on the receiving end, my apologies, but you are an idiot.

*No. Just No. My friends, co-workers, and those that have worked for me, even strangers tend to come to me for advice. Especially if they are faced with a choice, that they don’t want to make and are feeling torn, and don’t want to accept reality. I say it like it is. No. Don’t do it, don’t pass go, grow a set (balls and ovary’s, which ever one works best for you) and say NO. Plain, simple and to the point.

*Seriously?– You know when someone tells you something that is so outlandish and all you can do to respond is “Seriously ?” then have a moment of silence and repeat “Seriously?” just to confirm what you heard was correct. Then, you give the eyebrow with appropriate look.

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