Yankee makes Southern Pecan Pie

Southern Pecan Pies have always been a tradition in my house for every Thanksgiving and Christmas. My Amma would make the crust by hand (I have yet to master that), and then carefully place each pecan half in the bottom of the pie plate and delicately pour the mixture of karo, eggs, sugar and eye-balled measured real vanilla extract. This is one of those pies/dishes that we were not allow to walk heavy or run through the kitchen for fear of spilling the pie!

So have started making this pie when I moved to the south and needed to bring something to share with the boyfriend at the time, parents. Being a Yankee, many noses were turned up well before they even took a bite. However, that all went out the window, when I continually was invited to dinner year after year.

This year it was requested that I bring 2 Southern Pecan Pies to dinner by my friends Fathers house. This is a huge deal, since his family still references the Civil War and the family they lost and the one brother who fought for the Union…insert eye roll. So the Yankee feels quite honored not only to be invited, but bring the pies!!!

Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving filled with your own Family Traditions and Making Many More!!!

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