A Holiday Review….

So, the Holidays have now come and gone as well as a historic 2016. I went into the 2016 Holiday Season with many mixed emotions, rather let out my frustrations, observations and general thoughts about them here and on Facebook I decided it was best that I wait a bit before unleashing them to you and the world.

The Bad.

Excess. I personally was very turned off this year by all the posts on Facebook of peoples Christmas Trees with all that ‘Santa’ left for their kids and families. I was offended and somewhat hurt that people would go to such extremes to have items just to open with no thought into them. As well as, what about those family and friends that do not have the financial means to provide that amount of excess? It was like they were getting shamed for not being successful or good providers for their children and families! I did not have lot growing up. We got one big gift every year and a few smaller ones. Christmas was about celebrating the birth of Jesus and spending time with our family and at church. Didn’t the Three Wise Men only bring one gift each for the King? That is 3 gifts. Not 20+ gifts. I personally found it disgusting, upsetting and not in the best taste.

Retail Decorating. First, don’t get me wrong I love capitalism and everyone making money. It is fabulous thing (have you seen the market since November 8th???)! However, putting up Christmas displays in August is seriously disturbing!!! I mean Thanksgiving is just over looked. That is after all when people travel most to be with their families, so should not make sense that, the Pilgrims and Indians get some love? Fall is the best time of year after all. Why can’t retailers follow the Advent Calendar? It started on November 27th for 2016. That is the reason we are celebrating correct? I traditionally shop from the heart (I hate lists from people) and put a lot of thought into my gifts that I give for all occasions not just Christmas. I also, do most of my Christmas shopping after December 1st. I am not a Black Friday/Cyber Monday shopper. However, when I do see something that is so special and I can only get it there, I do purchase it and hope that I don’t misplace when it comes time for Christmas. I find it in horrible taste when Christmas Trees, bows, nutcrackers, Santa’s, Angels, Gingerbread people/houses, lights, blow up lawn displays, ect. are going up in August, September, October in the big retail stores like Sears, Macys, Costco, BJ’s, Home Depot, Lowes, ect. Trust me I get that they all have numbers to make and goals to achieve, but shoving down our throats the commercialism of Christmas takes away from its meaning. Taste is everything!

The Good

Hallelujah!!! Shout it from the roof tops, everyone is saying Merry Christmas again!!! Gone are the years of being politically correct and being afraid to say Merry Christmas and Happy Hannukah!!! Whoop Whoop!!! I absolutely loved walking around and having people wish me a Merry Christmas especially in stores and servers in restaurants/bars say it!!! It was one of the best gifts I think our country received! Thank You Mr. Trump and Mr. Pence!!! These two words make everyone warm, fuzzy, thankful and believe again in something more powerful than themselves and their credit cards.

Cooking. I found that more and more people were actually taking the time to cook. I mean really cook. Not buy pre-made hors d’eouvres, desserts, boxed mashed potatoes, microwave vegetables, or prepaired meals from the local grocer. They were actually cooking!!! From scratch. I received several texts and phone calls from friends and family, as well as I was constantly on the phone with my Mom, about how to cook everything from meats, veggies, cookies and sides. It was fabulous! I loved helping those that I care about make memories for their loved ones that will last longer than that thing under the tree that requires batteries and is forgotten 2 days later. Cooking builds traditions. Traditions that are passed on for generations. That is the true gift.

I hope that all had a blessed and very Merry Christmas, a joyous Hanukkah and the start of a prosperous New Year! 20161228_232628

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