Snowflakes….Real Vs. Figurative


According to Miriam-Websters Dictionary a Snowflake is a flake or crystal of ice or snow, noun. Having grown up in the Northeast in Southern New England our  winters were either light to tolerable snow, or seriously 3 feet per month!!! All depending on the how Mother Nature feels that particular day. In recent years the Northeast has had some of the best snow for skiing and other winter sports, and in turn several snow days forcing schools to go till the very end of June! (Trust me you do not want to get the text messages from my Mother when school is cancelled).

I remember my Dad mowing the tracks in the fields in the backyard so we would have easy sledding when it would snow. Building snow forts with the piles of snow from the drive way and the damn dog, trying to take our mittens and gloves off and remembering not to eat the yellow snow! But, then there was my senior year of high school, we had a record snow fall and as a result, maxed out the state limit of snow days! We were in jeopardy of not being able to graduate on time. What a mess that was and how upsetting for the last month or so not knowing when we were going to have graduation. Fortunately we were able to graduate on time and all was right with the world! Thank goodness!

I do miss the snow, the smell of it on the way. It is like a crisp, clean, smell of the purist oxygen that clears your sinuses and burns your lungs with warmth. The calm and clear sky before beautiful light, white, little crystals dancing in the wind and gently falling to the ground, either sticking or melting if the ground was not quite frozen and ready to accept them. But, once the ground is ready, how quickly they pile up. Waking up in the morning, to a blanket of pure white, glistening like diamonds and waiting for snowmen/ladys to be made and long drink walks through the woods following the tracks of the early morning critters, from birds, turkeys, deer and coyotes.

And then the clean up of the roads commences, with salt and sand and God forbid the temperature raises above 32 and it starts to melt. Then what was white and pure, turns gray, brown and slushy mess, that turns to mud. Gross.  Puddles of yucky water, gravel turned up from plows and muck everywhere inside and out with no end insight. Which leads me into the modern definition of a Snowflake.

Oh, another great gift of comedy from Millennials. The new definition as it suits is, “a person who is seen as overly sensitive and fragile”, but the meaning at first was a bit softer, referring mostly to millennials who were allegedly too convinced of their own status as special and unique people to be able (or bothered) to handle the normal trials and travails of regular adult life.

I have the privilege of residing with a Snowflake. A 16 year old male. Unfortunately, his parents have created him, like most parents, coaches and teachers have also attributed to the Snowflake(s). I believe it all started when the movement of every child getting participation trophy, not learning the joy of winning and the humiliation of loosing. By getting a reward for lack of effort, for throwing a temper tantrum for not getting their way or what they want when they want it. Parents, coaches, teachers, ect. have lost their backbones. They are scared that if they discipline, scold or if the child looses or gets a bad grade that the wrath of the child is too much for them to bare. So what if they loose, get scalded for not doing chores, or get a bad grade for not doing the work they required to do. It is not the parents, coaches or teachers responsibility for a child not doing the work to get the favored results.


How are they supposed to hold down a job? Employers do not have time to babysit, no matter what the occupation. However, I bet there will be young adult day cares soon enough they will be filled with hot chocolate, arts & crafts, puppies and kittens, crayons and unicorns. Don’t go steeling this brilliant idea!

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