Pantry Pasta

So this past Friday night I was struck with the urge to use my freshly re-stocked pantry to cook myself a lovely dinner. First, I must clarify that like all foodies and wishful ‘Martha Stewart types’ our pantries have a few not so common items in them. However, my pantry is pretty user simple and will never be foo foo. Just hidden basic.

I was craving a salty, savory some what healthy Mediterranean Pasta type dish, after all I just restocked the black truffle butter and white truffle oil. I also had some left over whole wheat pasta, so that would save time in cooking.

Refrigerated Pantry must haves items: fresh asparagus, prosciutto di parma, Fresh Italian cheese blend (asiago, parmesan, romano), peppadews, kalamata olives, spinach & arugula, black truffle butter.

Non-Refrigerator  must haves: Extra Virgin Olive Oil (organic if possible), Sea Salt, and Black Pepper, garlic.

Step 1’s (Prep): Survey the fridge. Pull everything you will need. Wash asparagus and dry completely. I cut the ends off, about 1-1 1/2 inches. Then cut spears in to 1 inch pieces. Take out prosciutto (approximately 6 slices) and cut into bite size pieces ( hard to do, so use a sharp knife and watch  your fingers). Cut about 15 peppadews in half (drain the oil from them before cutting them) and a hand full of kalamata olives cut in pieces.

Step 2: In a good sautee pan (All Clad is my preferred, professional, heavy and made in America), add 2 table spoons of EVVO, heat to just before smoking, reduce heat and add minced garlic. About 2-3 cloves. Stir with wooden spoon. Then add asparagus. Sautee till just about done.

Step 3: Dump Asparagus into a bowl and put prosciutto in pan spaced evenly around. Let it start to crisp as you are moving it around the pan.

Step 4: Add Peppadews, Kalamatas, and toss. Then add the asparagus, toss some more. Then add pasta. Now, add a generous table spoon or so (hehehe) of black truffle butter. A little S&P. Toss till it all comes together and sprinkle with cheese.

Step 5: Pour a glass of nice wine and sit back and enjoy!


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